2018: Berena zine

Happy new year everyone! I’m really excited about 2018, and not just because Serena (and maybe even Bernie) will be back on our screens; I’m excited because we’re making our Berena zine! Some info for anyone who’s missed this so far:
       The zine is about the impact of Berena(storyline and/or fandom) on you – you can write, draw, collage, pretty much whatever you want to do. The idea is to create ‘an archive of feelings’ – something that preserves not just images from popular culture, but also their emotional affect. “The feelings that accompany media events are as important as those events.”[1]I really hope we can create our own little archive of feelings (good/bad/mad/whatever) about Berena. Here’s a previous blog post about why I started out on this.

       I have a venue booked in Liverpool for a day of collaborating on the zine, which takes place on 10 February 2018, and there are still places available for those who would like to take part. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and I will pay for your return train fare, so if you want to join in, please email me (g.turner@liverpool.ac.ukASAP so that we can make arrangements for you to get here. Anyone interested in taking part (either in person or via email) should email for a full information pack. The info pack tells you a lot more about zines, but you can find a great little intro here.

[1] This is a quote from Ann Cvetkovich, who has written lots about creative ways of capturing LGBTQ+ experience.

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