Berena zine shortlisted for award

As some of you may already have seen on Twitter, our zine about Berena, Sapphic Angst Fest, has been shortlisted along with five other titles in the Fanzine category at this year’s Broken Pencil Zine Awards. Broken Pencil is a huge zine about zines, based in Toronto; the zine’s been running since the mid-90s and they hold these awards annually. Although it’s a global competition, we’re the only zine from outside North America to be shortlisted! The winners will be announced on 22 September, but all of the shortlisted zines will be showcased at Canzine Toronto– and they want to sell copies of them online and at various events throughout the rest of the year. This is so exciting, and I’m absolutely made up for everyone who contributed to getting this zine together. Kudos, Berena fandom.
If you want to get your hands on a copy of the zine, email me:

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