3 thoughts on “My experience of Radio DIVA

  1. Thanks for the insight Georgina, it’s invaluable to see how there were parts missed. I think the time limit didn’t help matters but I still think there were worrying omissions/shifts in focus on the part of those presenting opposing arguments to yours. BUT, the case may be that these discussions could continue. I’m not sure how hopeful I am at this stage


  2. I listened very carefully to the programme on Tuesday. I agree that 45 minutes just wasn’t long enough especially when the hosts I felt had an agenda. 1. To promote the process of making a long running tv programme (which was unnecessary) and 2. To defend the personalities involved, both actors and producers, which came across very strongly. I admire your resilience as at the end you did get a very good point across about the out right manipulation of the audience (which aren’t just gay women) it was only then that they had to agree with you and acknowledge that harm had been done. I do feel that those who are ‘out and proud’ and in the media (a minority of gay women) need to recognise and appreciate that being a gay women today, in Britain, is a big deal.


  3. Great post. I thought you put across your points very well and I’m glad to hear it didn’t feel as combative in person as it perhaps came across in the recoding. I was also heartened to hear several empathetic responses from members of the panel when you spoke about the impact this storyline has had on viewers. We’re not just moaning for the sake of moaning, and I think you put that across in a way that was appreciated by those listening. I was also glad to hear the conciliatory gesture from Barbara Machin and hope this is something she follows up on. More viewpoints are needed in those writing rooms and you’re the perfect person to provide an alternative way of thinking about the wlw representation that is provided.

    However, I’m not sure that it was even so much a case of those with connections to the show not being able to express opinions that they would in private, as much as it was a case of them just not quite having the full picture. I was disappointed that (based on the questions they asked about what happened in June) it appeared that some of more vocal members of the panel clearly hadn’t watched the episodes in any great detail (I wonder if they even know about the insulting Leah/Serena lingerie scene!) and seemed to have formed opinions based predominately on what they have been told by those more closely involved with the show – which, given that they are the very programme-makers we are taking issue with – probably isn’t the most non-partisan information source! This made a lot of the argumentation feel defensive rather than productive. If I’d wanted to hear the well-worn BBC spin about how it was a ‘beautiful’ storyline and how “the cheating wasn’t what split them up” (in which case, what was the point of it?! Other than, presumably, to twist the knife even further), I’d have tapped up the BBC Complaints Department again and asked for more of their copy and paste nonsense.

    If us viewers did not interpret the storyline in the way we were ‘supposed to’, then that is on Holby – not us. Don’t blame us because the storyline was poorly executed and failed to get its point across; don’t blame us because of ill-advised social media interactions which raised people’s expectations with hopeful hashtags; don’t blame us because of the PR department pumping out foilers suggesting that Berena were going to get their happy ending after all; don’t blame us for not understanding that it was ‘just a story’ when the show’s representatives had done nothing but preach about representation for the best part of 2.5 years…. Holby can blame themselves for all of that. They created that culture of expectation. Progress will only be made once programme-makers stop taking criticism of a show’s content as a heinous personal offence to their ego. It’s really not all about them. It’s about something bigger. Listen. Learn. And be better.


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