Ready for the long weekend

I set my alarm for 7am on a Friday morning. What a fool Past Me was! I was far too tired and it was far too Friday-ish a Friday; I sat in bed with my phone and slowly drank a coffee with a Twitter Angst chaser.

I was in the office by 9.30am though, and although it was a bit of a slow start, I still managed to get another eight essays marked, as well as developing some ideas for online teaching next semester. By absolute luck, we’re switching to a new VLE right now, and it’s so much more flexible and intuitive than the previous one; I think in enabling quieter students to participate as fully as anyone else in discussions, our online delivery will have some advantages over face-to-face teaching. And the content pages have an accessibility checker, hurrah!

Last thing was working my way through my slightly neglected inbox and getting some admin done. I tend to get admin tasks done either way before they’re due, or slightly after, thanks to a polite reminder from a colleague. Fortunately, this was an example of the former.

My work coach saw my previous post and commented on my inner critic voicing. Today it’s been muttering about how I’m so pleased with myself for the simple attainment of getting work done, and how I’ll end up doing nothing on Monday even though I should really work because bank holidays don’t count at the moment. But actually I’ve been at work for seven hours today without a break, and I did twice as much marking as I’d allocated on my to-do list, so take that, inner critic! I’m taking the weekend, bank holiday and all.

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