Writing, writing, writing

It turns out that I’m not terribly good at remembering to post updates on my work in progress (I know, we are all SHOCKED), but I designated this week “Book Blitz” week, which loosely translates as: autoreplies are on, music is turned up, and Scrivener is open. Armed with not one but two spider diagrams1 setting out my notes for the chapter of Lesbian Magazine Discourse that I’m currently working on, I’ve managed to settle down to it pretty well. I’ve been tweeting a rough word count at the end of each day, and as Wednesday gets to dinner time, the running total is just shy of 4000 words.

My aim was to have a rough draft of this chapter, which sets out the 20th century history of lesbian magazine publishing, pretty much done. Although lots of the rest of the book is written, I want to have this chapter – especially the shape of its argument, since I’ve already spent several years of the past decade researching the history – down before I attempt to knock the remainder into shape. The fact that the week has so far gone well, and that I’ve made lots of notes about how I want to conclude the chapter, feels really good.

I’m just trying not to think about what’s waiting in my inbox when I finally do go back to my emails!


  1. Yes, I did a whole second spider diagram before I remembered that I’d already done one, which I found scrumpled up beneath some other notes.


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