Please bear with me while the new project takes shape!

Sapphic Screen

The Sapphic Screen Project will build on my previous research, looking to engage policy makers, support best practice for wlw/queer representation, and explore the experiences of wlw/queer viewers.

I have some external partners on board and welcome contact from anyone who would like to be involved in building resources for and about wlw audiences. In 2020 I will be applying for research council funding with the aim of developing the project.

Berena & Holby City

For the past couple of years I’ve been blogging about my work with viewers and fans of Holby City and the wlw ship, Berena.

On these pages you can find posts about the Berena zine, Sapphic Angst Fest, and my research article about the impact of the early days of the ship on wlw viewers. I’ve also been writing about the negative impacts of the tropes employed by Holby City, and the BBC’s shortcomings in listening and being accountable to queer audiences.

Let’s build something together