Thursday update

Didn’t get much done yesterday, having made the mistake of getting up late and sitting in the sun drinking a coffee – my brain turned to mush and I basically spent a lot of time being Too Warm To Function, not least because I cycled in a jumper on the hottest day of the year.

This morning I set an early alarm so that I could get up and get into the office before it got hot, to make up for things. I’d caught up on yesterday’s marking by the time the coffee shop opened to supply me with caffeine at 10am, and duly fuelled, I did all of today’s marking before lunch. I even had time to get to Tesco to collect a weekly shop!

This afternoon I’ve worked my way through all of the remaining modules teaching me how to use our new VLE (Canvas), making notes on how we might use it for a second-year module, Feminist Media Studies, next semester. I really enjoy thinking about pedagogical development (although perhaps this is more like… adjustment).

Confidence belatedly shattered by attaining only 3.67 on a 5pt quiz.


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